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The future intelli­gence of wild animal accident prevention

With smart components and thoughtful engineering, Animot revolutionizes the market a new and highly effective warning signal.

What is Animot?

AniMot motion expert

The strategic goals of Animot Motion Expert are solutions for a safe road networks with innovative concepts and individualized services to prevent accidents caused by wildlife. We offer a complete and patented solution for all those affected by wildlife accidents such as motorists, hunters, Police, street workers and insurance companies. Our product could significantly reduce the number of injured or people killed each, not to mention the pain and suffering of the animal and the costly damage such an accident can cause. All this be would be reduced in a short space of time.


We are happy to help!

Our experts will be pleased to advise you in order to generate an individual for wildlife accident prevention concept to suit your needs. Of course, we would also accompany you during assembly and installation on site.

Facts about Wildlife Accidents

The danger of wildlife accidents will increase significantly in the future as a result of their growth in population and the ever increasing volume of traffic. In particular, wild boars continue to breed, which increases the risk of collisions with large wild animals. Personal injury is caused, not only by the aforementioned collisions, but in a lot of cases the driver’s behavior has a major impact on many accidents. That is, the good will to dodge approaching a wild animal often ends with devastating consequences.
Previous wildlife warning systems such as reflectors, scents or noise systems, try to prevent the animals from crossing the road into oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, the long-term desired success could not be achieved as the animals are creatures of habit and those habits of unpredictability cannot be changed. Unlike the other tried and tested systems, AniMot accesses an innovative, easily implemented and durable system. AniMot is the intelligent solution for the prevention of wildlife accidents. In combination with smart patented components and a sophisticated warning concept, our product revolutionises the market by warning the motorist and not the unpredictable animal!

Increase in Wildlife Accidents

Example of Wildlife Accidents in Wunsiedel District
Wildlife Accident Report – Police Precinct Wunsiedel, 2018
With its innovative and patented concept, Animot now wants to make a valuable contribution by naturally reducing economic damage, but more importantly to minimise the damage and death of animals not to mention the lives of all road users!

Sabine Dahl, Managing Director



Patented sensor system for detecting wildlife with adjustable detection angles


Warning road users by light signal with patented operating principle


Easy installation on the street post with adaptive angle system


Regenerative energy supply, maintenance-free


Dust and splash-proof, adapted to all cleaning machines

Additional Smart Features


Record and store wildlife change


The hunter can number the unit as he wishes allowing wildlife accident victims and police can to specify the exact accident location


Radio module function: allows communication between the individual modules in hard to reach areas, such as curves or bends

Future Perspectives

AniMot has so much to offer and is nowhere near reaching its limit. The future brings many technical innovations and extras, such as the intelligent road network, road to car communication, real-time data capturing and much more. Animot is ready for this future.

Robert Loder-Schranz, Managing Director

What is Animot?

With its innovative concept, Animot now wants to make a valuable contribution by naturally reducing economic damage, but more importantly to minimise the damage and death of animals not to mention the lives of all road users! Part of this concept is a small, smart device, is energetically self-sufficient in all weathers and monitors the complete area around the road 24 hours a day and, therefore, acts as “advanced eyes” for all motorists and road users. If a wild animal is detected in the immediate vicinity, Animot alerts the oncoming traffic. Without scaring the animal, it signals to road users to mindfully reduce the speed, so that both humans and animals can continue their journey without harm. AniMot Motion Expert GmbH & Co. KG are convinced that with AniMot, the number of wildlife accidents can be greatly reduced in a cost-effective manner. Alarming statistics show that there is an urgent need for an effective solution to reduce animal collisions.

Quality is our future – We place the highest demands on quality, reliability and functionality of our products. Our highly qualified employees are significantly involved in the implementation of these attributes. With their commitment, they represent the engine of our company and contribute immensely in leading AniMot Motion Expert to a successful future. To ensure the success of our products, we involve our suppliers intensively. They accompany us in the development process, bring in their production know-how and master the challenges with us.

Our Mission:
To permanently avoid wildlife accidents as innovatively and as easily as possible

Sustainability – Sustainability management is deeply rooted in corporate strategy. The goal of sustainability management is to consider the effects on the environment and society in all business processes. We work with social institutions and are very happy to have found reliable partners.

Our VisionWe have been pursuing our vision of warning the road user of wildlife – since the beginning of 2017. This novel and innovative approach is promising and is already showing the best results in various research projects.




Corinna Schneider


Sabine Dahl


Robert Loder-Schranz


AniMot Motion Expert is already successfully supported by many organisations. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks and look forward to further cooperation as well as great research results.